PV8900 FULL-B Development Board Datasheet
PV8900-FULL-B Full Function TCC8900/TCC8901/TCC8902 Development Board Specification
Rev 1.10
Date: 2011-2-10
1.       Overview:
PV8900-FULL-B Development Board is based on Telechips TCC8900/TCC8901/TCC8902 Multimedia Application Processor with full TCC8900 function, such as HDMI, SATA, CF card, SD card, LCD display, dual channels LVDS, USB 2.0 HS Host/Device/OTG, USB 1.1 FS Host, 10/100M Ethernet, Audio Codec, Audio amplifier, RTC, WDT, RS232&UARTs, Power On/Power Off circuits, AV in, WIFI interface, GPIOs, etc.
The PV8900-FULL-B Development Board is implemented by means of one PV8900-CORE CPU Module and one Main Carrier Board, with this method the Main Carrier Board will be simple and easy to design. For detail information please check PV8900-CORE CPU Module datasheet.
The TCC8900 is a system LSI for digital multimedia applications based on ARM1176JZF-S, an ARM鈥檚 proprietary RISC CPU core. It is designed for high-end multimedia entertainment devices such as car AVN, portable multimedia player and home entertainment. To enrich multimedia experience, multi-format video CODEC (JPEG / MPEG1 / MPEG2 / MPEG4 / H.264 / VC-1) and audio CODEC (MP3 / WMA / EAAC+ / AC3, etc) are also incorporated into software and hardware to bring vivid Full HD (1080P) contents to life on various screens and digital TV through HDMI output .
In addition, TCC8900 offers a hardwired 3D graphic accelerator (Mali200 from ARM) to enrich next generation GUI and other graphical applications.

2.       Hardware Specifications
Telechips TCC8900, up to 720MHz@1.42V.
65nm CMOS Process ARM1176JZF-S architecture processor.
Full HD (1920x1080) video decoding(H.264, MPEG 1/2, MPEG 4 , VC-1, Real Video 8/9/10, H.263).
1280x720 video encoding(H.263, MPEG 4, H.264).
Support 2D/3D graphic acceleration (ARM鈥檚 Mali200) with Open VG 1.1 and Open GL ES 1.1/2.0, also support Overlay Mixer function.
Open OS Support: Linux 2.6.28, Windows CE 6.0, Android 2.1.
PV8900-FULL-B development board also can support TCC8902 and TCC8901 chips
256MB DDR2 SDRAM (32bit data bus)
Option for 128MB
256MB NandFlash (8bit data bus can support SLC & MLC)
Option for 128MB or 2GB
One SD/SDHC card socket with a maximum capacity of 32GB
One CF card socket (operation in PATA true IDE mode)
Hardware jump select 3.3V or 5V power supply
One SATA port (support SATA HDD)
SATA disk is powered by PV8900-FULL-B board
One USB 2.0 High Speed Host port (support USB Disk)
One USB 2.0 High Speed Host port (USB A type), can be hardware jump set as USB Host port or USB Device port or USB OTG port
Can download software from PC in USB Device mode
One USB 1.1 Full Speed Host port (USB A type)
Can support to connect USB mouse or the high-speed EDGE, HSDPA, etc. network adapter (3G modules)
Video Output
One FULLHD 1080P HDMI 1.3 output port
This port also can support to connect to DVI monitor
One Generic 24bit color TTL LCD interface port with touch panel interface (50-pin FPC connector)
Can connect to external TCON sub-board to support 7"(800 x 480), 8鈥(800x600), etc. LCD Panel with 4-wire resistance touch panel or connect to VGA sub-board for VGA display
One Dual channels 24bit color LVDS output port (implemented by external chip outside CPU)
The Power supply of LVDS LCD Panel can be hardware set by jumper form 12V, 5V and 3.3V power supply
CCFL Inverter or LED backlight interface circuit
Can support up to 1080P LCD Panel, this port can support single channel or dual channels LVDS interface LCD Panel
One Single channel 18bit/24bit LVDS (which is directly output from CPU)
The Power supply of LVDS LCD Panel can be hardware set by jumper form 12V, 5V and 3.3V power supply
CCFL Inverter or LED backlight interface circuit
Can support up to 720P and single channel LVDS interface LCD Panel
One TV Out port (AV Out, CVBS output, Composite TV-Out (NTSC / PAL)
Video Input
2ch AV In (CVBS In), can be switched by I2C
Generic digital Camera/TS input interface
CCIR601/656 input, Input Image Scaler (up to 4080x4080)
Up to 12Mpixel Camera (YUV)
can support TS function by connected external DVB-C, CMMB or other modules
One 3.5mm earphone Jack (audio output)
One On board microphone (audio input)
2ch Line-out (used for AV OUT)
2ch Line-in (used for AV IN)
One SPDIF output port
Audio amplifier
2ch, 6W/ch, can connect to two 8omh 6W speakers directly
Option for 2ch 10W/ch
One 10/100M Ethernet interface (RJ45)
Support wakeup function from remote network to power on the board
IEEE 802.11 b/g/n network
SDIO 2.0 interface
1 transmitter and 2 receivers
This is one option function, not default function
One RS232 port (RS232 level) or UART ports (TTL level) (CPU's UART0), which usage can be selected by jumper
Three UART ports (TTL level) (CPU鈥檚 UART1, UART4, UART5)
One Analog Key Board interface
12 Keys on Analog Key Board: Power On, STOP, REW, FF, REC, MENU, EQ/MODE, A-B, SPEED, +, -, PLAY
External RTC
Use EPSON RX-8025SA RTC chip
With CR2032 Lithium Coin Backup Battery
The wakeup of external RTC can power on the system power supply
Remote IR(Infra-Red) Receiver interface
Support external 5V Remote IR Receiver
Support two LEDs: Green LED and Red LED by one GPIO.
One 10-pin JTAG interface
One on board BUZZER
External WDT and RESET circuit
Peripherals & Other Features
One EHI (External Host Interface) port shared with CF card interface
5 LEDs: VSYS_5V power LED, 5VSTB power LED, VDD33D power LED, CF access active LED, SATA access active LED
VSYS_5V: system 5V power supply, which can be power off
5VSTB: Standby 5V, always on
Boot Mode
4 Jumps for CPU Boot Mode setting
Support three boot mode: USB Boot, SD4 Boot, NandFlash Boot,
165mm(length) 脳120mm(width)
Operation Temperature
Default: 0掳C to 70掳C锛孋an Support -40掳C to 85掳C if customer order
Power supply
12V@0.6A (normal condition), can up to 12V@3A or 12V@4A when drive large LCD Panel, CCFL inverter and two 8omh 6W~10W speakers.
Power adapter(DC 12V@2A), HDMI cable, USB A type cable, RS232 cable, RJ45 Ethernet cable, Key board, 2 jumpers, DVD
Option Accessories
7" LCD Panel(800x480) + Touch Panel + TCON LCD IF sub board
8鈥 LCD Panel(800x600) + Touch Panel + TCON LCD IF sub board
Target Application
STB, PVR, PMP, Portable Navigation, Car AV / AVN, Jukebox
One year
Within 2-3 working days after payment confirmed


3. TCC890x Function Block Diagram

4. Software Specifications

Support OS: Linux 2.6.28銆乄indows CE 6.0銆丄ndroid 2.1
5. System Diagram
6. Top side of PV8900-FULL-B:
7.Bottom View 
8. Dimension
9. Dual display mode: 7" LCD Panel display UI + 42"  LCD TV display video:
10.  8" LCD Panel AT080TN52 (800*600, 4:3) display (Windows CE 6.0):
11. 42"  FULLHD(1920*1080P) LCD TV display:
12. 7" LCD Panel AT070TN83(800*480, 16:9) display (Android 2.1):
13. 8" LCD Panel AT080TN52 (800*600, 4:3) display (Android 2.1 + SDIO WIFI module):
14. VOD from YOUKU through WIFI (Android 2.1)

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